Why Your Stump Grinder Teeth Tip Matters
Why Your Stump Grinder Teeth Tip Matters

Why Your Stump Grinder Teeth Tip Matters

Of the many parts of stump grinder teeth you need to pay a lot of attention, especially when buying, is the tip. This is the cutting part of the teeth and usually the smallest. It plays a critical in your grinding, and that’s why it is an important factor to consider.

In this guide, we are going to look at some of the reasons why your stump grinder teeth tip matter. Why is it one of the parts that you need to check when buying and still when grinding? Check the below tips.

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Your Grinder Performance

The performance of your grinder is highly dependent on the kind of stump grinder teeth tip you are using. This is because the cutting performance of the teeth determines the performance of the machine. We have mentioned that the teeth tips are responsible for the cutting of the wood you are grinding. If the teeth cannot produce the highest cutting performance, you will definitely have issues with the machine’s performance.

Your Productivity

The productivity of the stump grinder is all about the amount of wood that the machine can produce within a specific period of time. This boils down to how much the stump grinder teeth tips can cut within the same period. If the cutting performance of the stump grinder teeth is low, then you can expect the productivity of the machine to also go down.

Cost of Production

Most people have not been able to associate the cost of wood grinding with the kind of stump grinder teeth tips they are using. In most cases, when the cutter tools lower their cutting performance, the grinder is forced to work hard. This will then increase the consumption of fuel. This how the cost of production goes up. So with good tips for your stump grinder teeth, you can expect your production cost to remain low.

Maintenance Cost

The other reason why the tips for your stump grinder teeth matters is the cost of maintenance. When you have good quality tips, the rate of wear and tear of the machine is significantly reduced. Therefore, you will spend less on keeping the machine in perfect condition. The opposite is true. This is why you need to consider the quality of tips carefully.