Common Applications of hydraulic power press
Common Applications of hydraulic power press

Common Applications of hydraulic power press

The hydraulic power press is one of the widely used machines in the press industry. The machine’s versatility in the application is one of the reasons why they are popular in the market. In this guide, we are going to look at some of the main applications of hydraulic power press. Here are some of the major areas where you can use these machines:


Bending is one of the areas that hydraulic power press machines are used. In bending, the compression force from the machine is used to change the shape of the metallic material. The main reason why hydraulic press machines are used is because you can bend a large number of metal sheets. There are very useful in the manufacturing of the construction iron sheets.


Marking is another crucial element in the manufacturing industry. With the marking of the metal products such as steel and aluminum being crucial, you need a fast and super-efficient system. That’s is what you get from bending the hydraulic power press machine. With just one single stroke, you are done with the marking of the product. It’s that simple in application.


Clinching is another area where the hydraulic power press is being used. The technique is all about making the joints, especially in metal sheets. That is why it is also referred to as press-joining. It is a process where bulky metal sheets join without additional components such as rivets and so on. Using the machine’s compression force, the metal sheets are pressed together under very high pressure to produce plastic deformation. That’s how the joint is created.


Punching is another technique in the manufacturing industry and more in making holes in metal parts such as metal frames and sheets. The hydraulic power press machines are the most recommended machines for the punching processes. The compression force that they produce is enough to make holes into metals of varying sizes. You can punch a range of materials, including sheet metals, vulcanized fiber, and paper.

Deep Drawing

Deep drawing is another application of hydraulic power press machines. This is another forming process where the metal blanks are drawn into a forming die through mechanical action. The mechanical action, in this case, is produced by the compression force from the press machines. That’s how the hydraulic power press becomes very useful in the metal sheet manufacturing processes.